Paul Fosbury

  • Life’s a beach!

  • AOP AWARDS 2015 commissioned Advertising Series / Urban Fisherman /HongKong

    AOP AWARDS 2015 commissioned Advertising Series / Urban Fisherman /HongKong



    Time for tea and Oranges !

  • New Zealand Photoshoot for Rohan


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    Please see Advertising section - Into the wild for more pictures.

  • Cast away

    Please don't leave not now after all we've been through !

  • Barbados

  • On assignment in New Zealand

    Duncan Moffit - Cool Calm and Creative "CD director " We took the door off the chopper for more space. I'm sitting on the skids directing the pilot for the best shot that's my boot there ! I feel like I'm in Apcolapse now !!...

    This was the shot I was after !   &  Fab  Art direction  by Duncan Moffit it was then off  to the bar for a few sneaky beers and  download the shots .

  • Toyota / Lexus shoot on Location in Sangres Portugal

    Bordeira is one of the best surf beaches  in the Algarve and great light for Autumn shoots !

    Car to be shown when campaign signed off !

    Local fishermen coming back in , they have to time the waves perfectly in order  to be winched  up the beach






  • Personal assignment in Scotland to shoot some epic landscapes.See into the wild section

    From bottom of Ben Nevis  I drove to the  Monadhliath mountains alongside the frozen River Findhorn.

    I had to dig my car out of this deep snowdrift  unaided ,  at one point I was contemplating staying the night out here  !

     Wild mountain feral goats look down on at me in amusement.

      Phew  ! Finally I get out by putting snow chains on on front  and back wheel pulling me forward  inch by inch.

    I took this shot at the top of Cairngorm /Aviemore then got  an epic offpiste ride down to the bottom on my snowboard !



    and donated to my fishing club  the WyresDale anglers !

  • Field Magazine /Barbour/Scottish tourist board /Osprey -Cumbrian Tourist board Cheetham Bell Jwt

    River Devron - 6am early start -perfect light &  fly water ,i caught a salmon not long after taking this picture. Client  :River Devron Trust

    Border Esk Fly Fisher  Iain Bell  Client  :Scottish Tourist Board

    The Glorious 12th /Jack Fearn /Client : Barbour/ Also featured on Front Cover of Field Magazine

  • Lexus Shoot Eilean Donan Castle


    I took this shot Thurs morning  at 5am, not much sleep after super natural noises in the night in our old  hotel !

     Shot early Fri morning 5am, nice morning light  despite the rain and sipping a hot cup of coffee  temp 4 degrees  !  See Auto section in Advertising for finished campaign.  ! Saw my first Golden Eagle flying

    high above the castle.

     On location  in Skye - We put in our early order for Supper - Fresh Langoustines ,Crab and if we are  lucky  -  Lobster....yummy  !


    My trustee assistant,location finder and navigator -Mark Bruce !


    Back home via- Rannoch moor- always has a shot to offer.

  • Back in Nam ! And the Ho Chi Minh trail

    The Mossy's out here were outrageous ! 

  • Camping - Dawn Chorus woke us up early for the location shoot for Rohan, I shot these about 6.48am

    A whee dram for a nightcap  then  up early for the Location shoot  at Jollydays  Luxury Camping Park deep in the Yorkshire woods!


  • Lech snow board park

  • Wild China / Tibet

    Gate way to Tibet .